Pig cake for a 3-yr old


Piggy cake

I found this adorable cake in the Family Circle Cookery Collection – Fun Cakes for Special Occasions.  The cake was so cute that my son, Ryan (2) wanted me to make one for his third birthday.

I baked a standard cake recipe and baked it in two Pirex bowls, one slightly bigger than the other. The bigger bowl would be the body and the smaller one the head. I coloured the dough pink for fun.

Fun Cakes for Special Occasions, Family Circle

I put the two cakes off centre on the cake board so that the pig stands diagonaly on the board.  I used butter icing which I coloured light pink and covered the bottom of the body so that it stuck onto the board.  Then I covered the top of the body.  The bottom of the head is also covered in pink icing and secured at an angle to the body.  It is then covered completely in pink icing.

Two round cakes


Pig snout from white bread

Next I had to make a pig snout.  I didn’t have cake to use, so I cut out a circle from white bread, covered it with icing and stuck it onto the pig.  Two brown Smarties competed the snout.  I cut one white marshmallow into two pieces with scissors, and stuck onto the cake.  Two pink Smarties competed the eyes.  A red Smartie made a small mouth at the bottom.

I fashioned a tail and two big pig’s ears from pink sugarpaste (with a little CMC glue in to make it stronger).  The tail was inserted onto the “bum” of the pig.  I had to leave the ears overnight to dry an harden.  Four marshmallows created legs for the pig.  I used white because I ran out of pink but pink would be better.

Pig with ears and legs


Next, I coloured the icing green and spread it around the pig to suggest grass. With a nozzle I created some grass around the pig.

Pipe grass in spots around the pig